Saturday, 16 March 2013

Long time between posts

It has been over 6 months since I last posted. Its been for a number of reasons - - Life - No computer that worked properly - Work - Holidays - Sickness and plenty of it - Christmas - Birthdays SO instead of boring you with the little scraping I have done, I am just gonna pretend that it never happened and start over. In the last week I have created 10 cards YES 10 cards !!!!! March in itself is a busy month with birthdays, but this year 2 beautiful babies where also born into the family in March and I wanted to also thank a few friends that have been amazing whilst I have been unable to do anything due to being sick. So over a week I have created a storm and it feels amazing to get back into it, especially since I am going away in a few weeks for a scrapbooking weekend away. The first birthday card I made was for one of my SIL - I will post the other 9 cards in the next day or so - I am still learning how to include photo's into my posts with my new computer (It has taken me over an hour to work out how to get this one into the post!!!

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